Jumping with Happiness (Boutique)

Early morning fog creates such a unique background for our pictures.  Coming from the East Coast I still expect when I see fog to feel the cool even cold mist that seeps into our bones but here in Ottawa even the fog can be warm. Its not an eerie fog feel.

Had an extra long weekend and it was extra long busy.Tuesday, our additional day off was spent closing the pool, painting the hallway and putting away the patio furniture and decor, a jam packed day.  Plus I finally figured our how to add a sumo bar and created a non offensive newsletter popup.  Well at least I hope it is non offensive.
Now on to figuring out how to create a newsletter and maybe check into WordPress.  OH MY Lanta I cannot believe I uttered those words.  I really do not want to switch, truly it scares the beje…. out of me but I cannot find a recipe widget for blogger so I think I may be doomed. Any help out there for a gal that loves to blog but doesn’t want to go to computer school to make this all work.
There are a ton, literally a ton of plug ins and what nots for word press but blogger which should be the most popular easiest thing in the world to make work for everything, well, no widgets except Recipe wiz and that really is not as great as I would like.
Where do you stand on the Blogger vs Word Press issue? How hard is it to switch? Will I lose everything? Am I heading down a road I can’t come back from?    Its a crazy world, I can spend time actually blogging or I can spend time learning how to blog, how in heck do we combine both? Plus did I mention fill time job, other hobbies, home renos and kids… OK yound adults, ok fully grown but still our kids and they still need my attention sometimes.  Plus I do love to travel and craft…..
I feel like a Dalek is starring me down right now “EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE MERCY”
OK deep breath, I am just being me loving to exaggerate every so often, but hey sure would be nice to have a Tardis and jump back and re-learn a few computer tricks to help me out. So hey all the Doctir Who references will stop soon I am in the final season and what the heck Netflix doesn’t carry it anymore Crave does.  Netflix what’s up with that.
Spring/Summer temps during these days of Indian Summer ( is it even politically correct to say that anymore?, am I offending everyone?) So these gorgeous days allow for fun jumpsuits, crochet cardis and shiny metallic brogues ( and flowers lets not forget flowers) My very first Happiness Boutique necklace that will will never tire of ( and still available) 10% discount if you use alabouroflife at checkout.







Dont forget to link up to A Labour of Fashion and the StyleWe Giveaway

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